200px-Monkey walking

A passive monkey.

The monkeys are a mob in Tropicraft originally based on the AI of cows. The monkeys walk around and will act in a neutral way. When the player has a Pina Colada in their hand the monkey will follow the player. The player can give a Pina Colada to the monkey by right clicking the monkey while you are holding the Pina Colada and the monkey will drink it, but beware! If the player shows a Pina Colada and doesn't give it to the monkey for a while, the monkey will knock the Pina Colada out of your hands with one vicious hit and drink it. Then it will leave you alone. The monkeys can also climb trees and wood blocks, though it will not climb fences.

2012-06-29 12.50.39

A hostile monkey!

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