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Welcome to the Tropicraft Wiki,
This wiki is about Tropicraft, a mod created for Minecraft, that anyone can edit.
65 articles created since August 2nd 2011.
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This wiki contains all the information needed for a successful trip to the tropical islands of Minecraftia, pack your bags and prepare by reading this wiki. Don't forget to contribute to it too.

Warning* Once entered into the Tropicraft realm it is currently impossible to get out without single player commands, to get in and out use single player commands "/tropics" without the speech marks. Thank you.

Who made this extensive Mod?

After going on a vacation to the tropics, Cojomax99 decided that Minecraft was lacking a tropical mod. After coding a butt load of features, Cojo enlisted the help of MrRube for sprites, textures, and designs. As time passed and the scale of the project expanded, FishTaco567, the maker of Better Caves and FPS++, and Corosus, the mastermind behind Destructive Tornadoes and ZombieCraft, joined the Tropicraft team.

Warning, this mod has been updated to 1.4.7 so the files will be different.

How do I download Tropicraft version 3.0.5?

Get a fresh copy of Minecraft 1.2.5 jar file(no mods installed)

Download Modloader for minecraft 1.2.5

Download Forge client for 1.2.5

Download Tropicraft 3.0.5.

Warning:Tropicraft is updated to 1.6.2! Visit for newer downloads!

How do I Install Tropicraft version 3.0.5?

1. Open .minecraft(run , %appdata% , Roaming , .minecraft)

2. Then open bin

3. Open minecraft.jar with either winRAR or 7zip

4. drag all the files from modloader into minecraft.jar

5. run minecraft, then close minecraft

6. go back to .minecraft

7. put Tropicraft 3.0.5 and Forge client 1.2.5 in the mods folder, then run minecraft

8. have fun :3

When will Tropicraft version 3.0 be released?

Tropicraft 3.0 has long been anticipated by it's users. In fact, a total of 8 months have passed since 3.0 was announced. The official release date of 3.0 was April 30th. An exerpt from the post:


"Hi everyone! It has been a while now, hasn't it. Well, here it is. The #Promised v3.0. Many months ago, MrRUbe and I promised chairs. We knew we wanted to make this release big, but we really had no idea how big it would become! To all of you who have supported us since the beginning, I cannot thank you enough. It is your undying support that has made it possible for me to push through all the adversity and pull together an amazing team of people that I have gotten to know beyond just as developers, but as friends. I have grown close to many and grown apart from many, but in the end, we still made it. Many mod teams disperse, many mod teams never speak to each other after their mod releases, but we are unlike that. We have so much fun, it's crazy how much we get accomplished.

Which reminds me, stick around the mod thread! We will be having buliding contests, and the winners of those contests (probably held every few weeks) will be included in the tropicraft hall of fame, as well as earn a possible spot as a name of one of the features in the mod at some point in the near future!

So, that's all I have for you all. It's been a fun ride, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Make sure you thank MrRube and Etalyx for pulling all nighters to finish their respective videos!

Once again, I hope you will continue to stop by the mod thread and the irc channel, and also check out our new website,  !"

Where are all the articles?

Here is the list of every Tropicraft Wiki 

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