Volcanoes are huge steaming randomly generating structures made of Chunk O' Head in the TropiCraft Mod. It has three phases, inactive,exctinct and active. When inactive, the bowl of the top will be empty with some holes connecting to a pool of lava, but there may be one, two, or possibly many lava spouts out the side. Then once it becomes active at random, the bowl fills up with lava and the volcano will overflow. When active, it will fire balls of lava that have a spinning animation, and release a lava source tile on the block it first makes contact with, thus while being very destructive, it is a good source of lava and therefore, obsidian.It is hard to tell when it becomes extinct. When it is exctinct, it looks like it is inactive but will not ever become active and there fore an awesome place to build a house by.

Trivia Edit

  • The volcano's fireballs can place lava at least up to 200 blocks away.
  • While inactive, Easter Island Heads have a chance to spawn in the bowl, and once the volcano becomes active, though it will burn, it will not die.
  • The Chunck O' Head and lava go all the way down to bedrock.
  • At the final layer, there is an odd block at the core of the volcanoe titled "Volcano Helper". it is impossible to break or get unless "Pick block" is used in Creative Mode because it is as strong as bedrock, it is textured like a lightened gravel.
  • Sometimes doesnt errupt for an hour or more

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